Thoughts on the Furaffinity Outage

So the latest thing that seems to have swept the fandom is the outrage over the outage of Furaffinity. I posted this to Twitter, but here are a few more thoughts on that:

  1. Congratulations to them for not completely falling off the Internet as so many sites do when they encounter problems. That’s actually a sign of pretty good architecture. Sometimes bad things happen, and you just have to fix them and roll on.

  2. The fandom was here before Furaffinity, and will be here long after too. If you have to wait a few days for new furry art, you will survive.

  3. This one goes primarily to those complaining about how Furaffinity’s extended outage is affecting their business. Don’t build your business around a single point of failure. A domain and hosting is dirt cheap and only takes a few hours to set up. Then, when an outage happens, you’re not SOL.

I actually see this same mistake being made all the time in my professional career - people building startups around one company’s API, which goes swimmingly until that API goes away. It’s the same with FA. Use Furaffinity to direct traffic to infrastructure that you control.

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