How To Be A Furry

The question seems to come up periodically, “how do I be a furry,” or “how do I become a furry.” In fact, it’s coming up so often now that I decided to put together this short document on how to “join the fandom.”

How To Do Your First Furry Con

This is a short list of things to consider bringing with you to a furry convention, and some tips and suggestions on how to make the most of your first con.

How to Save Money at a Convention

This is a short article I wrote in 2006 for an aborted attempt at a furry lifestyle magazine called “Furry: The Magazine”. It’s probably out of date, but I’m putting it here for historical purposes. Some of this I later integrated into my “How To Do A Furry Con” article above.


Beneath The Sea of Stars

A furry science fiction short that I originally wrote in 2004. It was published in the conbooks for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004 and Rocket City Furmeet


A standalone piece from a larger story I am working on. Just a few years out of the academy, Sayarra and a comrade find themselves in a rescue situation when a resupply mission goes south.